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Choose a caregiver from 300 cities and 50 states. We have insured and background-check verified caregivers.
Booking home care service on our app is now easier than ever, just tap & go!
Gravity Care has the right caregiver waiting – no matter your location, schedule, budget and occassion.


A. Enter the state and city where you are looking for a caregiver.
B. Enter service dates and shift time to get your service availability.
C. Use filters to narrow down your list.
D. Save caregivers to your favorite list and share them with friends and family.


A. Review caregiver profile, so you know you’re booking a right person.
B. Pick caregivers of your choice, tap on “Request Booking” allow you to immediately send a booking request – and caregivers have 24 hours to accept your request.


A. Once you find a caregiver of your choice it is easy to pay to connect securely to our mobile app – and you have 24 hours to pay for the connection.
B. You pay through Braintree (a division of PayPal), our secured payment gateway, so you pay a nominal connection fee with confidence.
C. The secure payment gateway is time-bound to protect our payee.

Start A Service.

Now that you have successfully connected with your caregiver, begin your Escrow on-boarding after you receive an email at your given email address and has instructions to securely wire funds. Helpful Hints!
A. The team will call to get your consent.
B. The Escrow fund wire is time-bound.
C. Release the Escrow funds weekly for the services delivered.

2-Way rating & review.

We want our services friendly and caring for our community members. All services measured by star ratings.
A. You share your authentic review and rate your caregiver once your service completes.
B. Your review is visible to other community members.
C. Ratings are given on a scale 1 to 5 stars.

App features you should know

Escrow Milestones

The app distributes your service funds in weekly milestones, so you can keep track of the funds you release or receive the services when more than a week.

Time zones booking

Need to make a service booking to someone across different time zones it is easy. Just find the Caregiver in that time zone or state and set your service location.

Have a personal time

Block your calendar in advance or keep your service off until you are ready to work in the location you are or at some other location.

Download the App. Start A Service.

Care Families:

Use our app to book service, it is safe and secured. Leave your family member with our friendly Caregiver.


No need to wait, do your day job and keep yourself available to earn more when you want!