Reforming the home care services. A non-medical home care service in all cities.

Our Story
It’s been my personal challenge to find properly trained and affordable caregivers for my loved ones having a need for activities of daily living (ADLs).
Every day, I devoted my time calling agencies, interviewing caregivers on phone, have them visit our house and evaluate my loved one, and negotiating the rates to fit our budget. We had several rejections therefore, each family members took turns to support the home care.
I know how costly it is to have a home care, and after experiencing many disappointments, lengthy process and struggle, I developed a Gravity Care solution to fix most challenges I was going through.
I kept my focus in ADL, a big need, for those having lost their independence at home due to age or poor lifestyle choices or medical conditions or children with special need.

— MeLeen Samant, Founder

Our Value Proposition
Gravity Care is an on-demand non-medical home care service to connect care families with carefully screened caregivers and start an affordable service at the comfort of their home in the minimum possible time.
For our communities, we help generate employment, make home care services affordable, strengthen city economies, and give care families an option to stay in their home.

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Our Benefits
Our care families have the freedom to request a service anywhere and anytime, bid on the caregiving service cost and lower it over 55%.
Our caregivers, can pick their schedule, rate/ hr, the location of service and still get paid most for worth their time – no time clock, no payroll timesheet.
We empower care families and caregivers to make their decision wisely – our tap & go app replaces any administrative task, care coordination and more.
Our community rating, reviews, information transparency and the revolutionary smartphone technology drives affordability, safety, security, and availability.

Our Mission

Our mission at Gravity Care is to offer families in need with high quality, affordable and easy to use home care services. You join a home care community when you book a service with us; our Caregivers are friendly and compassionate.
Interested in joining our team? Check out our careers site.

Here’s is what we believe.

A better technology is a part of the complete solution to support the rapid increase in the home care need.
Keep care family budgets in mind and their needs to deliver best home care.
Take care of those who will save the American home care needs because they need personal time, better care education, and rewarded well to keep the system afloat.

Our Communities.

We educate the home care communities by working with city senior center community partners.
Partners learn about us, the benefits we bring, and demo them how our product works.
Our focus class-room training escalates product adoption in multiples.

Accepting Caregivers. In All Key Cities.

Office Location

Gravity Care is Headquarter in Pleasanton, CA.

Pleasanton, California

6701 Koll Center Parkway,
Suite 250, Pleasanton,
CA 94566 USA
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