Non Medical Care and Assistance, Right in Your Home.
Growing older or experiencing changes in health sometimes mean you need some assistance with basic household activities, or Activities of Daily Living (ADL).

Personal Care
Simply state your needs in our app, and our Caregivers will be happy to assist you with everything from hygiene, to dressing and grooming.

All of our Caregivers are screened through their state’s DMV, and can safely transport you home from your discharge, drive you to doctor’s appointments, or even take care of your pharmacy pickups.

Our highly trained Caregivers will safely assist with ambulation in/out of beds and wheelchairs, and can assist in training to improve strength to stand, walk, or climb stairs.

Our caregivers will be within your sight to assist you in hands-on feeding or monitoring to prevent chocking or cueing during the act of eating.

Our Caregivers will keep you emotionally and mentally active through conversations, outings, and by helping you stay involved in your hobbies and friendships.

Meal Preparations/
Special Diet
Our Caregivers will carefully follow the meal plans assigned by your medical professionals.

A clean, tidy environment is essential to general well being. Our Caregivers will assist in light housekeeping, including laundry, to provide a more peaceful environment for our members.

Even simple errands like grocery shopping take on surprising difficulty when dealing with a change in health. Let our Caregivers handle your errands and enjoy the freedom from worry.

Your Caregiver can assist you in tracking and managing your vitals and progress toward your health goals.