Agency Employee vs Caregiver.

Make money when you want

Do you want to earn money while you plan a career in Caregiving, or simply to meet a financial goal? You’re in the right place. Below is helpful information on why you should consider becoming a caregiver with Gravity Care, instead of signing up with a traditional agency.

Join a Growing Profession

Millions of people in the United States earn money as home care providers. There are over 12,000 agencies working to fulfill the demand. Gravity Care is a unique alternative, as we allow you flexible schedules, locations, and services, all while enjoying the potential for high earnings.

It’s Easy to
Get Started with
Gravity Care
Pass simple, but thorough, background checks to get verified, then use our app to post your listing. Work only when you want to, then get paid weekly via our escrow-certified payment system.

Why Gravity Care is a
Better Choice
than Home Care Agencies
Agencies limit you by dictating what services you will provide, when you will work, and how you get paid.

Why Gravity Care is a
Better Choice
than Home Care Registries
Home care agencies offer more flexibility, but limit your earning potential, and make you do all the legwork to book jobs.

How Much Can I Earn?
The following chart shows the estimated salary on job board in the past 24 months, Nov 2017. The figure also comes from the 2016 Bureau of Labor Statistics, a U.S. government agency.
The Gravity Care earning figure is derived from studying the balance between affordability and the demand of home care services.
When you work for an agency, they set your schedule and deduct markups, fees, commissions and taxes; with registries, you are on mostly on your own and, you must pay referral fees.
Meanwhile, with Gravity Care, the majority of your pay is yours to keep – and considering the low cost of insurance and background check through our discounted providers, that adds up to a lot.

Meet an Ever-Increasing Demand
Cost of care to assist with Activities of Daily Living is on the rise, and shows no sign of slowing down. The chart below illustrates Genworth’s average daily ADL cost between 2017 and 2021 for nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and home care providers.
Costs are increasing due to a number of considerations: higher labor costs, tightened Medicare rules, and overhead, to name just a few.
Additionally, the cost of aging is going up. Increasingly, families are finding it a more economical alternative to arrange for home care, instead of looking into a facility. That’s where Gravity Care comes in.

Insurance Requirements

As a Caregiver, you give care, comfort, and protection, but you also can face risks personally. Our affordable insurance protects from you against bodily injury, property damage and personal injury while you provide care. State and local law set minimum coverage requirements.
We partner with a reputable liability insurance carrier to deliver individual policies ($1M/$3M) for our community members for an affordable premium. Also, our community members have full autonomy to continue their unexpired Insurance policy with us, or to shop around. Insurance policies verified.

Background Check

Our mandatory background check package gives subsidized rates for caregivers. It is safe, easy, and you may request a copy for your own records.

We Respect Your Time

Set your own hours and rates – no more depending on an agency to decide how you’ll spend your time, or how much you’ll earn for your hard.

What Will Your Choose?

We hope we’ve detailed why Gravity Care is the ideal alternative to agencies and registries for hard-working caregivers like you. When you’ve decided you’re ready to earn an honest rate while setting your own schedule and services, we’ll be waiting for you. We are now available in most major U.S. cities.