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A Democratized Marketplace Community Platform

Posted On :December 21, 2017 by Gravity Care


“There’s something that is very innovative about how to use technology and think about giving mobility and work nationwide.”

The Gravity Care functions as a digital marketplace, connecting self-employed Home Care service providers (Caregivers) with customers (Care Family) while collecting a fee for making the introduction. Caregivers don’t sign any contract with Gravity Care that says’s they are independent contractors, nor employees.

We are the gate-keepers of our community platform – the Gravity Care does not pay commissions to Caregivers, does not set their daily tasks, there is no company uniform nor identification badge. We don’t evaluate their performance and give benefits but take seriously review and rating from the community members. We make sure our Caregivers get their most pay for their contributions but pay us for using our IP platform services.



With Gravity Care, our business allows keeping our members work at their own pace, so they can deliver care needs to our community. For our communities, we help generate work, make home care services affordable, strengthen city economies, and give care families an option to stay in their home.

The Gravity Care does not set the pay rate for Caregiver, in fact, we allow them to set as high they can and let the market decide the most optimum compensation, unlike other sharing economy models in the community marketplace.

Our Caregivers pay for their education and training conducted nationally for a discounted price when they need with our partners. They also pay for the Liability Insurance and background-check, but Gravity Care team makes sure the verification fits the company policy; “we care our community safety and security, we are less worried in increasing member registration counts, “ says the Gravity Care Founder.



The Gravity Care does not pay any worker’s compensation or unemployment insurance for Caregivers because we are a Home Care Services nationwide platform to deliver services. Caregivers and Care families are registered members of our platform.

We do partner with Tax filing affiliate companies to help our members file their quarterly and yearly taxes, therefore, there is no loss of revenues to state or federal government.

The concept of the democratized marketplace is new in the Home Care Services universe, the need is already there, few agencies know that, and we have figured out to get this working!


All information is shared based on the questions from our newly connected community members.


Written  by Gravity Care

December 12, 2017