Make home care affordable to care families.

Caregivers be your own boss.

Gravity App - anywhere and anytime

Our Mission

Our mission is to help care families get affordable and reliable care in the comfort of their home. Our caregivers are emotionally connected and feel appreciated for their hard work.
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Our Team

Our Team
We got some of the brightest minds to build this mobile platform and deliver booking services in a few taps – smart engineers turn a vision into a working product. Our seasoned advisors shaped Gravity Care in all aspects to stay ahead of the competition.

Our Value Proposition

Care families get affordable and reliable care
Gravity Care is an on-demand non-medical home care service that connects care families with carefully screened caregivers to start an affordable and time – efficient service all in the comfort of their home.

Our Benefits

We benefit care families on their cost
Our care families – the freedom to request a service anywhere and anytime.
Our caregivers – be your own boss.
Our platform – our tap & go app replaces any administrative task, care coordination, and more.
To our members – our platform delivers affordability, safety, security, and availability.

Our Vision

Our Mission: care families stay home, and get affordable and reliable care
A better technology is a part of the complete solution to alleviate the rapid demand in home care services.
We keep the needs and budgets of care families in mind to deliver the best home care.
We acknowledge and reward the hard work caregivers put in to keep the American Home Care system afloat by providing them their personal time and a better care education.