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If time is limited for their loved ones, family members should expect physical, social, emotional and spiritual support from our caregiver to your patient. Our goal is to make the patient feel as comfortable as possible.


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Parkinson’s disease is manageable with medications and the symptoms can be reduced and relieved with the help of our caregivers. Our advanced stage care plan maintains the quality of life for your loved one and assuages the hardships of Parkinson’s disease through love and support.

Dementia & Alzheimer’s

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Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are memory impaired disorders which can bring difficulties to the social independence and cognitive decision making of a patient. Our care plan focuses on helping those suffering from memory impaired disorders and helps relieve the impact imposed on the entire family.

In-home care

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No matter the reason or the health challenge, we are here to help with all aspects of Activities of Daily Living.

Discharge Care

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Our caregivers make your hospital discharge smooth and safe, from the hospital room all the way to resting comfortably in your own home.

Home Care

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Gravity Care Safe Care is a holistic approach to patient’s post-acute care when a family hire care manager professional to track progress of their loved ones.

Illness Care

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People suffering with or recovering from heart or kidney disease, cancer, or COPD can maintain a healthy lifestyle if taken care properly at home. Our caregivers can assist clients by providing them with emotional support and self – independence as well as the help to decrease their functional impairment.

Joint Replacement

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In the subsequent weeks of replacement surgery, patients need the time and comfort to recover before returning to their daily endeavors. Our caregivers can support patients in their daily activities as per your care plan and assessment.


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Family members working around the clock with multitasking their priorities and taking care of their loved one(s) often require a break. This is where our caregivers can help! They are trained to take care of your loved one(s) – whether it be for a few hours or a few weeks – as per your care plan.

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