How to protect your Gravity Care member account


We’re sharing our security tips for Gravity Care Families and Care Partners. Our security team keeps watch on your account for any suspicious activity, here are a few tips can also help protect you from scammers.



Use a unique password when you register or change your password. Don’t use your Gravity Care password on any other Email account, website or banking.

Don’t share your account access with anyone. Keep your Email or phone verification code private.

Gravity Care doesn’t require you to save your payment card information in the app. Don’t take the screenshot of your payment card screen to share or download on your mobile phone.

Show your password in your privacy to you during new account registration or password reset.

Be cautious of mobile text messages, email messages or phone calls from anyone claiming to be a Gravity care employee to share your information.

We take these reports seriously and work with financial institutions and law enforcement agencies to investigate and prosecute scammers. If you notice any suspicious activity please log your case into the mobile app or report us.

Take steps to protect your smartphone from theft – set a passcode, use touch id, enable find my smartphone, encrypt backups,  and don’t jailbreak your smartphone.



Written  by Gravity Care

December 30, 2017


Home Care Agencies: Save money, time and efforts. Join us!


Working smarter and not harder will become the main focus for all Home Care Agency owners trying to cut expenses, raise wages, and offer even better services.

The Home Care industry is huge:

  • $89 billion
  • 1.78 million employment
  • 403,589 businesses
  • 4.5% annual growth

Join Us. Our platform will get your Caregivers local and nationwide exposure to our Home Care Community/Care Families.

We guarantee agencies have ZERO cost of ownership for their Caregivers on our platform, just have them registered FREE! after downloading the app and Become A Caregiver.

Caregivers can continue working for your agency and still stay available for paid services on the Gravity Care platformHere are some nationwide opportunities for the Home Care agencies joining with us, and get compensated.

  • Be a Care Manager for your Care Families nationwide.
  • Be an affiliate to bring on-board new Caregivers.
  • Be a trainer or training academy for Care Families or Caregivers.
  • Be a host for other Home Care agencies.
  • Be a Personal Care Assistant or a Caregiver.
  • Be a Tax consultant for Caregivers and Care Families.

Check our website and Contact Us to find more information.


Written  by Gravity Care

December 17, 2017

We Passed A 20 Points IRS Test!


A 20 point test was conducted by Gravity Care., Inc to bring more clarity in understanding the IRS requirements and determine work status of our Care Partners (Caregivers) registered on the Gravity Care mobile platform.


The Gravity Care is a community Home Care services marketplace for families having limitations in performing Activities Of Daily Living (ADL). The Care Families can: explore, search, book, hire and rate their experiences. The Care Partners (Caregivers) enjoy the freedom of work, flexible schedules and get paid weekly for the services delivered.

Our Care Partners are classified as independent contractors when they register on our platform, they are NOT hired by Gravity Care, but on a temporary basis by Care Families. Being a marketplace, the Gravity Care facilitate the process to create a positive experience for both parties.

Our Care Partners have complete freedom to choose their service project, the location, and the Care Family. Our Care Family has the freedom to pay Care Partners on a milestone basis, and a choice to engage services with other Care Partners.

The 20 factors used to evaluate right to control and the validity of independent contractor classifications include:

Level of instruction. If the company directs when, where, and how work is done, this control indicates a possible employment relationship.

The Care Family decides when, where and how. The Caregiver ( Care Partner) has a choice to accept or reject

— Work status of Gravity Care Care Partners: Independent Contractors

Amount of training. Requesting workers to undergo company-provided training suggests an employment relationship since the company is directing the methods by which work is accomplished.

Care Partner pay and take their training with our Educational Service provider

— Work status of Gravity Care Care Partners: Independent Contractors

 A degree of business integration. Workers whose services are integrated into business operations or significantly affect business success are likely to be considered employees.

The Gravity Care is a Community Market Place. The Care Partners are independent care providers.

— Work status of Gravity Care Care Partners: Independent Contractors

• The extent of personal services. Companies that insist on a particular person performing the work assert a degree of control that suggests an employment relationship. In contrast, independent contractors typically are free to assign work to anyone.

Care Partners have the freedom to accept multiple booking requests. The Care Family has a final say in hiring temporary Home Care Service providers.

— Work status of Gravity Care Care Partners: Independent Contractors

• Control of assistants. If a company hires, supervises, and pays a worker’s assistants, this control indicates a possible employment relationship. If the worker retains control over hiring, supervising, and paying helpers, this arrangement suggests an independent contractor relationship.

Care Family hires Care Partners on a temporary basis, funds are released to Escrow and paid on a weekly basis by Escrow to Care Partner when services are delivered.

— Work status of Gravity Care Care Partners: Independent Contractors

 Continuity of relationship. A continuous relationship between a company and a worker indicates a possible employment relationship. However, an independent contractor arrangement can involve an ongoing relationship for multiple, sequential projects.

Care Partners work with Care Families on a project basis only. Each party has an opportunity to work again, but several factors play a role ( availability, location, compensation and more).

— Work status of Gravity Care Care Partners: Independent Contractors

 The flexibility of schedule. People whose hours or days of work are dictated by a company are apt to qualify as its employees.

Care Partners pick their work shifts to deliver service.

— Work status of Gravity Care Care Partners: Independent Contractors

• Demands for full-time work. Full-time work gives a company control over most of a person’s time, which supports a finding of an employment relationship.

Care Partners work in shifts serving single or multiple Care Family services at a same or different locations, for different dates.

— Work status of Gravity Care Care Partners: Independent Contractors

• Need for on-site services. Requiring someone to work on company premises — particularly if the work can be performed elsewhere — indicates a possible employment relationship.

Care Partners perform their services at the Care Family requested location.

— Work status of Gravity Care Care Partners: Independent Contractors

• The sequence of work. If a company requires work to be performed in specific order or sequence, this control suggests an employment relationship.

Our Care Family decides the list general requirements and rules for Care Partners to expect, the request booking shares that.

— Work status of Gravity Care Care Partners: Independent Contractors

• Requirements for reports. If a worker regularly must provide written or oral reports on the status of a project, this arrangement indicates a possible employment relationship.

Care Partners may update frequently or daily to Care Family on their service

— Work status of Gravity Care Care Partners: Independent Contractors

• Method of payment. Hourly, weekly, or monthly pay schedules are characteristic of employment relationships, unless the payments simply are a convenient way of distributing a lump-sum fee. Payment on commission or project completion is more characteristic of independent contractor relationships.

Care Partners are paid on weekly project milestone completions by Care Family.

— Work status of Gravity Care Care Partners: Independent Contractors

• Payment of business or travel expenses. Independent contractors typically bear the cost of travel or business expenses, and most contractors set their fees high enough to cover these costs. Direct reimbursement of travel and other business costs by a company suggests an employment relationship.

Care Partners bear the cost of travel or business expenses, therefore, their service compensation is mutually agreed with Care Family.

— Work status of Gravity Care Care Partners: Independent Contractors

• Provision of tools and materials. Workers who perform most of their work using company-provided equipment, tools, and materials are more likely to be considered employees. Work largely done using independently obtained supplies or tools supports an independent contractor finding.

Care Partners provide their own supplies or transportation at the Care Family location.

— Work status of Gravity Care Care Partners: Independent Contractors

• Investment in facilities. Independent contractors typically invest in and maintain their own work facilities. In contrast, most employees rely on their employer to provide work facilities.

Care Partners pay for their Liability Insurance, background check, and Educational Training.

— Work status of Gravity Care Care Partners: Independent Contractors

• Realization of profit or loss. Workers who receive predetermined earnings and have little chance to realize significant profit or loss through their work generally are employees.

Care Partners receive variable earnings for their services they delivered.

— Work status of Gravity Care Care Partners: Independent Contractors

• Work for multiple companies. People who simultaneously provide services for several unrelated companies are likely to qualify as independent contractors.

Care Partners work for multiple Care Families for a day or in a week at single or multiple locations.

— Work status of Gravity Care Care Partners: Independent Contractors

 Availability to public. If a worker regularly makes services available to the general public, this supports an independent contractor determination.

Care Partner listing is available to view and receive a request for booking at the location of their choice. Once they are hired, their listing is not visible.

— Work status of Gravity Care Care Partners: Independent Contractors

• Control over discharge. A company’s unilateral right to discharge a worker suggests an employment relationship. In contrast, a company’s ability to terminate independent contractor relationships generally depends on contract terms.

Care Partners can be terminated from work immediately if they don’t meet the Care Family contract terms.

— Work status of Gravity Care Care Partners: Independent Contractors

• The right of termination. Most employees unilaterally can terminate their work for a company without liability. Independent contractors cannot terminate services without liability, except as allowed under their contracts.

Care Partners can volunteer to terminate, but with a payment settlement with an Escrow. A liability they may experience if all funds are not released.

— Work status of Gravity Care Care Partners: Independent Contractors

_____Written  by Gravity Care

December 12, 20

A Democratized Marketplace Community Platform


“There’s something that is very innovative about how to use technology and think about giving mobility and work nationwide.”

The Gravity Care functions as a digital marketplace, connecting self-employed Home Care service providers (Caregivers) with customers (Care Family) while collecting a fee for making the introduction. Caregivers don’t sign any contract with Gravity Care that says’s they are independent contractors, nor employees.

We are the gate-keepers of our community platform – the Gravity Care does not pay commissions to Caregivers, does not set their daily tasks, there is no company uniform nor identification badge. We don’t evaluate their performance and give benefits but take seriously review and rating from the community members. We make sure our Caregivers get their most pay for their contributions but pay us for using our IP platform services.



With Gravity Care, our business allows keeping our members work at their own pace, so they can deliver care needs to our community. For our communities, we help generate work, make home care services affordable, strengthen city economies, and give care families an option to stay in their home.

The Gravity Care does not set the pay rate for Caregiver, in fact, we allow them to set as high they can and let the market decide the most optimum compensation, unlike other sharing economy models in the community marketplace.

Our Caregivers pay for their education and training conducted nationally for a discounted price when they need with our partners. They also pay for the Liability Insurance and background-check, but Gravity Care team makes sure the verification fits the company policy; “we care our community safety and security, we are less worried in increasing member registration counts, “ says the Gravity Care Founder.



The Gravity Care does not pay any worker’s compensation or unemployment insurance for Caregivers because we are a Home Care Services nationwide platform to deliver services. Caregivers and Care families are registered members of our platform.

We do partner with Tax filing affiliate companies to help our members file their quarterly and yearly taxes, therefore, there is no loss of revenues to state or federal government.

The concept of the democratized marketplace is new in the Home Care Services universe, the need is already there, few agencies know that, and we have figured out to get this working!


All information is shared based on the questions from our newly connected community members.


Written  by Gravity Care

December 12, 2017

A Nationwide Service


Gravity Care is a unique alternative to home care agencies and registries because we are a community sharing something in common, such as caring and we feel part of them. Therefore, when you feel connected then the hiring process is made easy:

  • Our care partners (caregivers) get insured and background checked
  • You can choose certified care partners from a pool.
  • Backup always available, and more choices
  • The member profile is transparent
  • No hidden costs ( bid price you can afford)
  • Share your review & 5* ratings
  • If you no longer need a service, feel free to cancel it.
  • Your service funds stay secured with
  • Pay as you go/Share your time and make money
  • You comply with the tax laws.
  • Anonymous feedback or report abuse- we connect.

We have services available for self-care in sports injury, hospital-to-home discharge, special need children and loved ones ( elderly care).

Accepting Care Partners. In All Key Cities.

States where the Care Partners ( Caregivers) are accepted.


Written  by Gravity Care

November 17, 2017

The Home Care Need is Moving Home


With a rising elderly population, more and more older Americans are choosing to spend time at home.

The only problem is that there is a serious lack of certified home caregivers to aide them. The declining numbers of home health caregivers and the job’s high turnover have a lot to do with low pay rates and an under-appreciation for workers. As the demand for professional and high-quality home caregivers increases, a change needs to happen in the way these workers are paid and viewed by society.

Low Status, Lower Pay Rate


In 2014, the average turnover rate for a home caregiver was 60 percent, meaning that over half of caregivers were leaving their job every year. It’s not hard to see why so many caregivers would start to seek employment elsewhere. Most caregivers are living at or below the federal poverty line. It can be difficult to support yourself or a family on only $21,000 a year, a salary that is far below the average American’s salary of $35,000.

On top of high turnover and low pay rates, home caregivers are on the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to their societal status. This may have to do with the fact that the majority of home caregivers belong to a marginalized group of people, with over 90 percent being women and over half people of color. All of these factors combine to put home caregivers on the top of the list of most underappreciated workers in America.


How Technology is Revolutionizing the Home Caregiving Industry



With innovative new technology taking over the industry, the state of home health care doesn’t have to look this dim forever. Companies like Gravity Care are already creating apps that offer transparency for both home caregivers and those in need of care. With an app like Gravity Care, it’s easy for certified home caregivers to register with a background check and find high quality, good paying jobs with ease. Gravity Care also offers educational incentives for personal growth and continuous employment based on reviews and ratings.

Caregivers using Gravity Care are taking part in a community that brings balance and trust to the home care industry.


Caregivers have the autonomy and power they need to take control over their professional lives, earn a great living, and feel appreciated for the work they do.


Written  by Gravity Care

December 12, 2017

Home Care Laws & Gravity Care


Gravity Care keeps up to date on the latest laws and reforms in the home care industry. We ensure that our care partners are certified and meet the community requirements so we can work together towards a better future.

Gravity Care is not a traditional home care agency. We don’t refer caregivers — we register background checked caregivers and provide them quality training.

Licensing for Traditional Home Care Agencies

In the past couple of years, the State of California passed a law that affects clients who use home care services, the workers who provide them, and the companies that hire those workers. This law, like many other passed in states across the country, requires licensing for companies providing home care services. It states that all home care aides hired must have a background check and be registered by the state.

While this law was put in place to protect home care patients and their families, there are several exceptions. Gravity Care is not like most home care service providers. We are not a referral agency or a traditional home care agency. Because we are not a normal home care agency, we do not fall under the jurisdiction of home care laws like the one mentioned above.

Our Commitment to Keeping the Gravity Care Community Safe

Even though Gravity Care does not need State Licensing to operate responsibly, we still go beyond community safety measures to ensure that every aspect of our business, from care partners to patients, are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve.

What we do to keep our community safe:

  • Mandatory background checks
  • Mandatory care provider liability insurance
  • We hire trained and certified Caregivers
  • Offer affordable tier level training to our educational partners

When it comes to safety at Gravity Care, it’s our number one priority. With our basic training, any registered caregiver or care family can buy an affordable training package and complete our tier level programs on their mobile devices. All of our training is created to meet individual state law requirements.

Because of the extra steps, we take to look out for our Care Partners, our Care Family vulnerability is minimized.

Our approach is not just protecting Care Family, but the Care Providers also, how they been employed and let go what Care Family Wish and commanded by Caregiver employer.


Why Gravity Care is NOT a Referral Agency for Home Care Services


Gravity Care is the best of both worlds — caregivers receive the security and safety they need while also having the flexibility and autonomy they crave. Unlike a referral agency for home care services, Gravity Care offers great advantages to caregivers like complete control over your compensation and schedule.

Here are a few things that set Gravity Care apart from the traditional home care service business model:

Cost Effective:

Our Care Families and Caregivers interact and learn about each other before they commit to providing services. There is no referral fee involved, only a commitment fee every time our Care Family engages in new commitments.

In addition, all of our Caregivers are required to purchase Liability Insurance from our home care liability Insurance partner. We verify and check their renewal on a regular basis with our in-app technology.

Happy Caregivers: 

Each party is able to acknowledge their compensation value. We respect caregivers freedom to make their own decisions and allow the market to decide the right price for the service. Gravity Care plans to introduce our guide for finding the right price that benefits both parties to make things easy for caregivers.

Compensation is just one great factor for both parties — feeling connected and benefiting from finding your perfect match matters too.

Lower Employee Turnover Rate: 

Gravity Care is not worried about Caregiver turnover because we have developed multiple incentives to keep our Caregivers happy. We encourage caregivers to give Gravity Care a try and discover what they’ve been missing from traditional home care service models. At Gravity Care, we pride ourselves on creating an environment for our caregivers that give them the resources they need while providing a place to find continuous and rewarding employment.

More Flexibility: 

Vacation and breaks matter to our community, which is why we’ve built technology features that make taking time off a breeze. With the swipe of your finger, you can decide if you want to report to Care Family booking request or just stay on a beach for few days.

Each community member has the ability to set their personal preferences to reflect what schedules, times, and settings they prefer. With an optimized preference list and a well-balanced marketing, flexible employment shouldn’t be hard to find.

Easier Management: 

Gravity Care is shifting away from the traditional Caregiver compensation service pay after services are delivered. This means that our management process is going to be a lot easier than before. Our affiliate integration partners hold funds from by Care family with their consent, manage disputes, inspection, settlements, and release of payments on a frequent milestone basis driven by our well-thought approach to what our community needs now (no frauds, no late payments, but effective cancellation policy).

This innovative managing system gives our caregivers convenience and good night’s sleep- nonpayment is missed. Our easy to use management systems are available to community members.

A Wide Range of Locations: 

Our community members can have fun and travel, so if you decide to take a spontaneous trip to Disney World, there’s nothing stopping you! Our locations reach over 300 cities in America, so it’s easy to find a local service near you with our tap and go technology.

CarePartners Pay Their Own Taxes:

Our Care Partners are coached by our Tax partners for managing and filing their taxes. They are covered when they make money and when they show what they earned.

Reference & Qualifications Checks: 

We believe in transparency at Gravity Care, which is why we require our Caregivers to do a background check. Honest reviews and feedback given by both caregivers and care families help our community understand how conflicts are handled on an objective basis while maintaining a fair judgement system.


Written  by Gravity Care

August 12, 2017