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What is my rate per hr for my caregiver service ?

Posted On :October 15, 2019 by Gravity Care


There is no limit – our platform entertains your rate per hr, calculates service booking quote ( shift hours X no of days booked X your set rate per hr) and shares to our platform clients when they are searching for services on their mobile app.

Platform client has a choice to go with the service price quoted or suggest their service price based on caregiver ratings, reviews, profile information, services delivered, educational certifications, and more.

A caregiver can “Accept” the platform client service quote or simply ignore the next 24 hrs, also considered “Cancel”.

Note: A shift is 5 hours – Morning ( 7 am-noon), afternoon (noon-5 pm), and evening (5 pm – 10 pm), except Nightshift (10 pm – 6 am next day).


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