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Who manages caregiver scheduling?

Posted On :October 14, 2019 by Gravity Care


Our platform clients manage their scheduling.

Caregivers keep their calendar days open for work unless they are planning for an emergency or vacation and they can block days in our mobile app. For Last-Minute unplanned time-off, they do by tapping on Service OFF/ON on a mobile app. Block days or time-off make caregivers nonsearchable to our platform client services.

Our platform clients book caregiver services for a shift (morning or afternoon or evening or nite), single or multiple days – and we call that a service booking.

A shift is 5 hrs (Morning at 7 AM-noon, Afternoon noon at noon – 5 pm, Evening at 5 pm – 10 pm). A long shift of 8 hrs goes at nite between 10 PM and next day 6 AM, we have found most caregivers prefer morning, afternoon and evening shifts because they have their own families to take care of, and many have their own set career path.

Our platform clients or caregivers have their choice to pick and choose caregivers or platform clients at different shifts!

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