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How Technology is Transforming the Home Care Industry

Posted On :December 9, 2017 by Gravity Care


Today, Care Caregivers face greater challenges than ever. Whether it’s balancing their family and professional lives, finding a decent wage, or searching for a job, the life of a Care Partner can be difficult at times.

Thankfully, with the advent of new technology, the lives of Care Partners and the families they care for are rapidly changing.

Gravity Care is reforming the traditional Home Care service model. We’re transforming the industry with innovative service offerings that benefit both Caregivers and families in need. With Gravity Care families can receive a great service, and Caregivers can be their own boss.

A Better Solution for Caregivers

It’s no secret that there’s a lot of issues in the home care industry. Things like a shortage of staff, low pay, transparency, and red tape are just some of the things that Caregivers have to go through. This and low employee retention rates is causing a modern day home health care crisis.


With the creation of home care apps like Gravity Care, Caregivers and families in need of care can easily find each other.


Technologies like these give Caregivers more freedom and autonomy when it comes to their employment, hours, clients, and pay. It also gives families in need easier and more affordable access to highly qualified and passionate Caregivers whenever and wherever they need them.

Gravity Care and a Brighter Future

Gravity Care allows families to find the best Care Partner to suit their needs. With Caregivers available on demand, a qualified Care Partner will be available to your family no matter the reason. Whether you need a Care Partner every day or just to accompany you to the movies, Gravity Care uses secure technology to ensure that you and your family will always be taken care of by a certified and professional home Care Partner.


Our services are available to anyone who needs help with everyday activities or has the inability to live the life they want.


We use technology to help community members make quick and easy decisions on which Care Partner is best for them. Gravity Care brings transparency to the home care industry. With our one-tap system, you can search for and hire a Care Partner when and where you want.

Hiring a New Kind of Care Partner

Gravity Care provides a safe and secure platform for certified home Caregivers to find families in need. With Gravity Care, Caregivers are given control over their work and their schedule. We have agencies, paid Caregivers, and freelance Caregivers all working on the same platform. With the power of technology, we’re building a network of experienced, dedicated and passionate professionals.


At Gravity Care, we strive to bring a different experience for Caregivers than the traditional home care agency model.


The Gravity Care app is shifting the way the world thinks about home health care. Our business model strives to put friendly faces, caring employees, and employee appreciation at the forefront.

Here are a few ways that innovative technologies like Gravity Care are transforming the home health care industry.

Supplemental Income

Gravity Care is creating flexible, money-making opportunities for community members out of work, retired, underemployed, professionals or anyone who wants to make a little extra income on the side.


It’s easy to get started and become a Gravity Care Caregiver. All you have to do is register online — it’s FREE!


Becoming a Care Partner is simple because our community members value transparency. All of our members are verified with our “tap and go technology”.

But just how much can you make by working with Gravity Care? If you ask other Caregivers about their income, they will often say they are underpaid. Our Caregivers love the income, flexibility, and independence they receive when they work with Gravity Care. All of our Caregivers have the freedom to set their own rates and let the quality of their work speak for itself with our two-way review system.

Because Gravity Care service is not constrained to a specific zip code, we are able to offer our services to over 300+ cities in the USA. With Gravity Care, Care Partner positions are available anywhere, anytime, whether for quick money or an extended employment.

Our advanced mobile notifications keep members informed about any new services available in real time. Our innovative app lets you know when a position is open near you whether you’re completing one service, or ready to move on to the next!

Our Reach

Traditional home care agencies who have experienced challenges in their business dared not to try again, but simply move on to other Care Families. At Gravity, we’ve solved that problem by incorporating community member transparency, communication, and engagement. Our unique business model means that service location, service provider compensation, type of service and length of service commitment is not something our Caregivers or Care Families have to worry about anymore.


With our mobile app, our community members have all information at their fingertips.


This means that as a community member, you can simply choose to accept or ignore a booking opportunity as you see fit. Our mobile app is secure, providing our community members the trust and credibility they’re looking for in a home care service.

Dispute and Settlement

It can be a difficult situation when both parties agree on a job, but they are stuck in a conflict or dispute. When communication is difficult and critical decisions are put on hold, families may need the help of a skilled mediator entity to help them move forward.

We have taken these possible disputes into account from our research and experience. With our skilled mediator managing onboarding process, community members have access to fund release for every service they complete. Therefore, Caregivers are paid frequently for the services delivered. If any cancellations or service dissatisfactions occur, our mediator partner is just a tap away.

The settlement, release of funds and cancellations are all completed within the app, creating a system of convenience and trust. We let our Caregivers adopt a scalable electronic cancellation policy, a frame of reference, and the ability to lower disputes.


With Gravity Care, there is no scope for uncertainty and worries!

Network Community Member Effect

Our targeted home care service community reaches far and wide across the country. We don’t have the need for only a handful of Caregivers that are limited to a specific location. Instead, Gravity Care is changing the home health care game. With multiple Care Partner services to choose from, Care Families now have access to more affordable and available home care options.


With our innovative technology and a wide range of opportunities, Gravity Care is an affordable and available option for both Care Families and Caregivers.


Every time a new visitor become a registered Gravity Care member, the selection increases for our Care Families meaning making it more likely to attract home care services demand. Every time a Care Family searches, it benefits Caregivers, making it more likely to attract other Care Families.


Written  by Gravity Care

October 27 , 2017