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How to protect your Gravity Care member account

Posted On :December 30, 2017 by Gravity Care


We’re sharing our security tips for Gravity Care Families and Care Partners. Our security team keeps watch on your account for any suspicious activity, here are a few tips can also help protect you from scammers.



Use a unique password when you register or change your password. Don’t use your Gravity Care password on any other Email account, website or banking.

Don’t share your account access with anyone. Keep your Email or phone verification code private.

Gravity Care doesn’t require you to save your payment card information in the app. Don’t take the screenshot of your payment card screen to share or download on your mobile phone.

Show your password in your privacy to you during new account registration or password reset.

Be cautious of mobile text messages, email messages or phone calls from anyone claiming to be a Gravity care employee to share your information.

We take these reports seriously and work with financial institutions and law enforcement agencies to investigate and prosecute scammers. If you notice any suspicious activity please log your case into the mobile app or report us.

Take steps to protect your smartphone from theft – set a passcode, use touch id, enable find my smartphone, encrypt backups,  and don’t jailbreak your smartphone.



Written  by Gravity Care

December 30, 2017