Typical Day at work


Families wait for me. I enjoy listening to how their day started. The app has chore list I follow. Within few hours, I get their personal care taken care, talk to their family member and update them progress, so easy.

Simple to start


Download app and register, wait for background check to come back a few days, get liability insurance. Then your all ready!

Fun networking


I find care families are looking for a company to have conversations. I like this job a lot meeting new people sometimes.

Your the boss


Pay once a year for your background-check and liability insurance.. not much! Go get some discounted classes if you are new to home care and meet amazing families to care.

Great Job when you care and get paid


Since I am self-employed I make my own hrs and days that I actually want to work. It’s hard on you if you work for someone and get paid less.



The Gravity Care offers a better agency partnership model that’s more aligned with changes in the industry. Local agencies remain independent and keep doing what they do so well. We share our workforce and operational strengths, helping our partners provide an even better care experience to more clients.



I like the service. Before you book a service, you see the caregiver picture, read reviews, and ratings. And at the end of the service you rate and review. Like it!



The app and the information it provides are invaluable. I know how much service cost will be, who is working at my place.